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The Czech Republic has earned a reputation for its fantastic beers and its brewing history. Each year, Czech citizens drink approximately 145 litres of beer for every man, woman and child – the most beer consumed per capita in the world – to put this figure into perspective, the country in second place, Ireland, drinks 111 litres.

Why do the Czechs drink so much beer? Quite simply, because it tastes so good! The Czech Republic is widely regarded as the home of the world’s greatest hops and home to some of the oldest breweries in Europe. The Czechs have had ‘beer purity laws’ in place for centuries, Germany too has similar laws – no additives in the beer – additives block flavour and give you a hangover – we don’t like additives!

Here at www.premiumczechbeers.co.uk, we will be providing some of the best craft beers from the Czech Republic, mainly from lesser known brewers, most of them not widely available in Great Britain. Many of the recipes for the beers we sell are centuries old. We can confidently say, without a shadow of a doubt, we are selling true craft beers.

Please note, we have  a fixed delivery charge of £4 per order, irrespective of the quantity of beers you order. The boxes we use come in 2 different sizes – up to a maximum of 12 bottles, or up to a maximum of 20 bottles. The mixed case ideas within the shop are merely suggestions we have made, please feel free to select your own combinations. Our minimum order requirement is only 12 bottles.

However, we only distribute regularly within a 60 mile radius of Glasgow at the moment – we do deliveries ourselves to avoid using expensive courier firms who wont insure packages containing glass bottles . Starting in 2015, we are delivering all round mainland Britain at least once a month. For delivery estimates, see ‘Home’ page.

If there are any Czech beers you would like to see in stock, please email your suggestions to info@premiumczechbeers.co.uk.

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5) You will receive a confirmation email and we will contact you to arrange delivery at a time that suits you.
6) Get it unwrapped, chilled in the fridge and enjoy at your leisure.
7) Come back for more, email us any comments or requests (as we aim to please).
8) If you like our service then tell your friends; tweet about us, like us on facebook and get everyone drinking the real deal.

Thanks for reading, hope that helped, and drink in moderation: www.drinkaware.co.uk


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