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Least Resistance 2

‘Path Of Least Resistance’, 20 bottle case


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Product Description

Czech beers – Not sure where to start with our site? Can’t be bothered having to pick for yourself? Here is a suggested mixed case of 20 bottles of beer to get you, or the party, started.

Each case contains 20 bottles in total – 2 bottles of each of the following:

– 3 different light lagers – Bakalar Premium (4.9%), Rohozec Svetly Lezak 12 (5.3%) and Konrad Lezak 11(4.8%)

– 3 different dark beers – Rohozec X (4.6%), Primator Premium Dark (4.5%) and Pardubicky Porter (8.0%)

– 3 different semi dark beers – Konrad Ale (7.0%), Rohozec Rezany 11 (5.0%) and Primator Polotmavy (5.5%)

– 1 wheat beer – Primator Weizen (4.8%)

All beers are 500ml bottles.

Note – from time to time, we may have to replace one of the selection listed – this will be done with ‘like for like’ replacement beers (eg if a semi dark is unavailable, we will replace with a semi dark of similar alcohol %)

Please note, the picture against this product needs updating and does not currently represent the beers in this selection

All beers are dated 2017